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Event Marketing: Planning & Production

AJA Marketing has the expertise and experience required to make event marketing an essential component to your business marketing plan.

Often overlooked as a marketing tool, events can enable you to reach a wider audience and connect with current or prospective clients in a non-sales environment. In today’s business world, building and fostering relationships is essential. Events are the perfect way to connect face-to-face and grow your business’ network exponentially.


Why choose event marketing?

  • Present your business as a thought leader in your industry
  • Promote and build brand loyalty and name recognition
  • Increase lead generation among warm audiences
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Boost social media engagement and foster word-of-mouth
  • Educate customers and prospects and spread awareness
  • Engage prospects with dynamic content
  • Create a positive environment for networking


The event landscape could be overly crowded depending on your industry. That is why the quality of your events is essential. With AJA Marketing’s help we can ensure you deliver the right value to attendees and create a memorable experience.


AJA Marketing’s event team can:

  • Create an event marketing plan that achieves your overall marketing goals
  • Develop and generate written and/or visual content
  • Liaise with speakers, presenters and/or sponsors
  • Negotiate sponsorships and/or strategic alliances
  • Build targeted audiences and handle registration of attendees
  • Secure venues and handle pre-event logistics
  • Provide on-site event management
  • Handle post event logistics – reviews, professional credits and event post mortems


Our team will lead you through the various nuances of event planning and production – leaving no detail unfinished.

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