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Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is far from dead. The latest marketing studies confirm that email marketing remains one of the most successful tools in converting leads and engaging current clients.

Has your business overlooked or given up on email marketing? AJA Marketing can re-introduce your business to this essential marketing tool and develop a plan that compliments and works with your other marketing campaigns including your website, social media, and content marketing.


Why choose email marketing?

  • Harness email’s larger reach over social media
  • Ensure more of your audience sees your content
  • Drive more conversions among clients and prospects
  • Utilize email’s unmatched marketing ROI
  • Improve communication with the most reliable platform
  • Strengthen brand and name recognition
  • Boost website traffic and enhance inbound marketing


Email marketing will be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. However, your customers are receiving hundreds of emails every day. How are you going to stand out and make a lasting impression? The key is providing a professional branded look with quality content that is relevant and adds value.


AJA Marketing’s email marketing team can:

  • Research and set up your business with the right email services provider
  • Develop a branded professional email template(s)
  • Arrange content generation and distribution
  • Manage your email account to send weekly or monthly emails
  • Provide reporting on email performance
  • Handle all aspects of list management
  • Create lead magnets (ebooks, reports, giveaways) to increase list size


Our team will harness the power of email marketing to ensure your messaging reaches clients and prospects and generates greater conversions.

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