Sponsorship & Advertising Program Development
for 501c3 Music & Arts Academy


Celebrating 20 years, a non-profit was seeking additional revenue streams to further its mission of empowering students and broadening their advocacy. In need of an innovative sponsorship and advertising program, AJA Marketing’s reputation for developing unique positioning strategies and customized solutions made us a perfect fit to achieve their goals.


Through AJA Marketing’s personalized approach, we worked closely with the founder and key stakeholders, combined market research and analytic review to customize a plan of action for the client.

Customized Sponsorship Packages & Recital Program Advertising

Our new year-long sponsorship package creates partnerships with local businesses, providing mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses to expand their reach in the community, cultivate relationships and grow their brand awareness. We also created recital program advertising opportunities which provide families a space to praise and encourage their student performers. These new solutions enhanced mission awareness and led to an immediate increase in revenue for the client.


  • Increased Revenue
  • Created Strategic Partnerships
  • Fostered Community & Family Engagement


Client Situation

  • No existing sponsorship or advertising package
  • Needed additional revenue streams


  • Increased revenue to support client’s mission
  • Fostered community & family engagement
  • Provided sponsorship value
  • Enhanced brand awareness

"Non-profits bring essential value to the public. We are honored to use our vast experience to assist leaders to develop and optimize their sponsorship packages so they can increase awareness and funding for their vital missions."

Amy J. Adams
AJA Marketing LLC

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