Email marketing, a well-established, relatively inexpensive marketing strategy, is an essential for businesses and non-profits alike. A 2020 survey found that certain industries earn up to $45 in return for every dollar spent on email marketing, with non-profits reporting a similar increase in donations.

However, understanding how to turn subscribers into costumers or donors is easier said than done. Consumers receive an average of 121 emails per day, meaning more and more businesses are vying for a consumer’s limited attention span. Without a good understanding of the industry, businesses may find themselves falling behind competitors.

These four data-driven tips will help you begin to optimize your business’s email marketing campaigns and set you up for success!

Keep the Subject Line and Content Short

Consumers have thousands of tasks to complete a day and perusing their inbox is only one of them. Without a compelling or urgent subject line (such as 50% Off All Clothes, Ending Tonight), many consumers will immediately delete or ignore your email.

Even if consumers open your email there is no guarantee that they will read it. Make sure your email follows the 5 second rule, a commonly only used tactic among advertising experts; if your consumer cannot identify a call to action within five seconds of opening your email, they are likely to stop reading. Start by testing draft emails with your friends or family to ensure consumers can quickly identify your email’s purpose, and watch your clicks increase.

Improve Your Email Marketing With Data, Data, Data!

While it always good to begin by simply sending out content to subscribers, consider leveling-up by partnering with an email analytics service. These services can provide valuable insights about consumer behavior and post-click visitor engagement. Businesses can use this information to boost consumer conversions by adjusting their subject lines, send times, content, and general branding, among other things.

Send Personalized and Targeted Emails

77% of return-on-investment (ROI) sales are the result of audience segmentation and targeted and triggered campaigns. While sending mass emails are useful for large developments, consumers have wildly different personalities, tastes, and needs.

Not only do personalized emails make consumers more likely to buy products, but they make consumers feel more valued- brand loyalty is ever-elusive in the crowded market. Consider starting by adding consumer’s names to the email or subject line to provide a more personalized experience.

Ensure your emails are deliverable

Your email service should directly place your emails in consumer’s inboxes, but the reality is that many email services, in an effort to protect consumers from unwanted emails, put up strong spam filters and automatically block messages from “untrustworthy” sources. Without an understanding of deliverability metrics, businesses may find themselves unwittingly labeled a spammer and banned from consumer’s inboxes.

There are a few keys to getting around those pesky spam filters; authenticating your email domain, maintaining a proper IP address, verifying email addresses on your email list frequently, and adding opt-out options at the bottom of your emails are all good places to start.

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