Since summer is my favorite season, I can’t exactly relate to the “summertime blues” (except when it comes to an end)! As people head out on vacation and take some time to relax, now is also a great time to amp up your business development efforts.

Grab Some Lunch
Take advantage of some free time to meet up with a client, or prospective client for lunch, dinner or coffee. Enjoy some of those cafes with outdoor seating while you’re at it!

Get Involved
Head out to some events – whether it’s an industry event hosted by your association, or your uncle’s barbeque a few miles down the road – take the time to truly connect with people. (In other words, mingle!) Now is the perfect time to build and strengthen your relationships, which is not only enjoyable, but a great way to develop business.

Put Pen to Paper (or Apple Pencil to iPad?)
Too much sun? Sporting a sunburn? If you need to stay indoors in the cool air conditioning for a few days, then start writing! Unleash your creativity by writing an article (you can write for print or online). Consider submitting an article to your association’s publication – many times, they welcome member and expert content. If you’d like to engage online, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to publish an engaging article that resonates with your current or prospective clients – it’s free and easy, and it’s a great way to enhance your brand recognition.

Embrace the summer and sprinkle in some fun to your business development efforts – both you and your clients will be happy you did!