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Most people don’t consider hiring an attorney until they need one, so it’s important to be top of mind when someone requires your services. Speaking, writing, networking and publicity are all important pieces of the marketing puzzle, but marketing litigation (or any other practice area) essentially boils down to relationships.

It is crucial to build your referral network. Depending on the structure and size of your firm, you may have the ability to cross-sell internally. Venture outside your team to find synergy and create more opportunities to develop business within the firm. In addition to networking with other attorneys, remember to connect with external referral sources—even your college roommate may refer business to you one day.

Also, ensure current and potential clients are finding your valuable information online by posting your articles, events and press mentions to your firm’s website, biography and LinkedIn profile. Connect with current clients by inviting them to lunch (don’t bill them) to genuinely listen to their issues and add value. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing—many new clients are born from current client referrals.

Marketing takes time and effort, but if done consistently and strategically, it can bring about great rewards.