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The summer has finally arrived! With that, a fresh ocean breeze, warm sunshine, a relaxing barbeque and…a six month marketing tune-up? Absolutely! If you happen to drive, you’re well aware of the need to take care of your vehicle, making sure you have enough oil in the engine, gas in the tank, and air in your tires. However, as a business owner, have you taken the time to ensure your marketing goals are on track? The middle of the year is the ideal time to review your strategic marketing plan and analyze its performance. Here are some questions as you work through your “tune-up”:

Was your annual strategic marketing plan fully put into action at the beginning of the year? Or are you holding back? If so, why?  Have your goals changed over the past six months? Have your business objectives shifted or are they still aligned with your strategy?  Have you enjoyed success or are there opportunities to grow from lessons learned?

Now is the perfect time to analyze your business goals, strategic marketing plan, and make adjustments as needed.