It’s reported that close to one-third of the world uses social networks regularly (eMarketer, 2016), and social media has indeed taken off over the years like a hungry cat chasing a mouse, but no – it has not yet murdered email marketing! 

I’m here to report that email marketing is alive and well, and still packs quite a punch in anyone’s marketing playbook. If done properly, email can drive sales, increase prospects and enhance your brand recognition. I recently obtained Hubspot’s Email Certification, which delved into various important aspects of the email marketing arsenal, including list segmentation, visuals, distribution frequency, reporting and much more.  Email marketing remains one of the most important tools a marketer should have in their toolbox.

Work for an association or non-profit and looking to increase attendance at an upcoming event? Are you a lawyer or accountant hosting a webinar for your clients or prospects? Did you launch a new product and want to drive sales and increase awareness? All roads should lead you to email marketing. While social media is a great place to cross-pollinate your products and services, one of your primary marketing vehicles should still be email marketing. Email Marketing Phone

Why bother? Still not convinced that email drives event attendance, converts leads and informs your clients and prospects about your product and services?  Maybe these statistics will turn you into an “email believer”: (Source:

  • Gmail has 1 billion active users worldwide. (Statista, 2016) 
  • Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. (The Direct Marketing Association, 2015)
  • Two-thirds of emails are read on either smartphones or tablets. (Marketing Land, 2015)

So what can you do? Don’t know where to start? It depends on where you are in your marketing journey, but focus on several factors:

  • Cultivate your email list – take some time and make sure the list you have is accurate and fresh.  (Is your client database up to date or are the email addresses circa 2006?) A poor email list can hurt your efforts.  Make sure the folks on your list actually want to hear from you and you’re complying with the CAN-SPAM Act. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is more restrictive.
  • Segment your email list – take a fresh look at who is on the list, and what information they should be receiving.
  • Engage your list with timely and relevant content, and don’t bombard them with too many emails.  Put yourself in the client’s shoes – would YOU want to hear about what is being distributed?

Email is a fabulous tool, and if used properly, it can make the world of difference.  Engage with your clients, past, present and future – you may be pleasantly surprised to see your revenue grow as a result.