For many non-profit directors, the day-to-day demands of running an organization become all-consuming, making it easy to neglect other, less-immediate aspects of running a non-profit. Marketing is oftentimes lumped in with these other “non-essential” aspects of running an organization, pushed to the bottom of a seemingly ever-expanding to-do list.

Yet, recent data indicates there are more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US, suggesting that non-profits today must continue to compete for donors’ valuable time and money in an increasingly competitive market. It seems more essential now than ever that non-profits engage in creative, cutting-edge marketing strategies to stand out from “the rest”.

Many non-profits use strategic marketing across platforms to help them develop robust campaigns outlining their core values, goals, tools, and action steps plans, but one platform, in particular, has risen in popularity in this sphere lately – LinkedIn. Once a small, professionals-only platform, LinkedIn has become a behemoth in the corporate world (roughly two new professionals join every second), making it an indispensable, low-cost method of spreading your non-profit’s mission to a greater audience.

Key Benefits to Utilizing LinkedIn to Maximize Your Non-Profit Marketing

1. It’s Easy!

If you take a look at your personal LinkedIn feed, you will see that there is already a very wide variety of content on the platform, ranging from motivational tidbits to tips on interacting in today’s workplace. Content created for other platforms like Facebook or Instagram can be repurposed for LinkedIn as well, making it simple to jump right in once you have created a profile!

2. LinkedIn Can Greatly Expand Your Network

LinkedIn’s algorithm relies on a variety of factors (check out Hootsuite’s article: LinkedIn Algorithm: How it Works in 2022 for more details) and places relevant content right at the top of its users’ feeds. Their algorithm is different than other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. LinkedIn’s unique structure of first, second, and third network connections can increase a nonprofit’s chances to obtain corporate sponsorships, and turn employees, volunteers, and donors into advocates for your cause. The professional, promoting “vibe” of LinkedIn is very supportive, allowing your non-profit to grow far beyond your immediate circle of connections.

Every week, LinkedIn logs nearly nine billion impressions, although only 1% of its 630 million users post regularly. Content simply grows far quicker on LinkedIn in ways that it cannot on other social or professional platforms.

3. You’ll Love That It is Low-Cost

Establishing a company page is free to all organizations. Once you have set up your page, you can invite connections to follow the page. Commit to posting content on the page several times per week to optimize engagement and reach. If it benefits your marketing strategy, your nonprofit can also set up a Showcase Page to promote a specific initiative (this is not for a short term marketing campaign, so be sure this is worth the investment of time before you create the page.)

However, non-profits can opt-in to LinkedIn for Nonprofits, products that provides LinkedIn’s hiring, marketing, fundraising, and learning resources for up to a 50% reduced rate. These analytics and trends can come at a relatively low cost to your organization. Furthermore, LinkedIn provides select free resources that can assist your non-profit achieve its goals.

The AJA Marketing team is not only experienced in promoting and managing non-profits, but consistently utilizes a data-driven, customized approach to LinkedIn marketing to ensure your organization remains on the cutting-edge.

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