As a business owner (and working mom), I strive to achieve the elusive “work-life balance” that is so often spoken of in many books, articles and conversations.  In a society where we are constantly bombarded by information, with technology that connects us 24/7 to everything (nearly) everywhere – how do you find your balance?

Here are some tips I’d like to share as I continue the quest:

Go Off The Grid

Try to disconnect from technology at least one day a week.  Spare yourself from reading email, group texts, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts for a full 24 hours. Think of it as a “digital fast” – if you find a full day withdrawal to be impossible, try one hour a day at minimum.

Clear Out To Clear The Mind

It is recommended that clutter be cleared out to create a more pleasant space to work and live in. How often to we look at our desks with various piles of paperwork and think of all we must get done? Invest the time in a sound filing system and find a home for all the paperwork.  While physical clutter can be very distracting, don’t neglect all the “digital” clutter as well. Take some time to relieve your in-box and computer of that which no longer serves by opting out, archiving, or trashing what can be eliminated.


Take some time for yourself to embrace the quiet within.  If you aren’t an expert in meditation, don’t worry – start small by taking a few minutes and focus on your breathing.  Or drop in on Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s free 21 Day Meditation Experience starting July 13th. There are a litany of books and articles written on the subject, and meditation has been linked to amazing benefits such as decreased blood pressure and lowered anxiety.  Try it, you may just love it.

Do you have any tips for work-life balance? Do you think it’s attainable or a goal to constantly strive for? Share your recommendations, we’d love to hear them!